Henderson/Wilson Seminar on 2009 Clasp & Gold Medal Tunes

The 2008 Piobaireachd Seminars will take place during the week after Easter 2008 and will be on the set list tunes for 2009. This will be a residential ‘Master Class’ programme for senior and advanced players in the set tunes for the 2009 CNP Gold Medal and Clasp competitions and in set tunes for the comparable Scottish competitions in August and September 2008. Cost: $300-$350 (approx).

The seminar commences at noon on Monday 24th March and concludes mid afternoon on Thursday 27th March at Makoura Lodge in Apiti.  The total cost to you is a heavily subsidised at $350 and  includes all meals, accommodation and tuition. We  need to finalise numbers so would appreciate if you can confirm your  desire to attend.  We are currently taking deposits of $100 to secure places.   Can you please make your cheques payable to Comunn Na Piobaireachd and post  them to Comunn Na Piobaireachd, PO Box 5421, Wellington 6145 (email me if you want to pay the $100 directly into the bank account and I’ll send you the details).

Please let Marion Horsburgh know if you require transport or if you are able to offer to assist with transport to and/or from Apiti.


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