Switalla Clasp, Jamie Hawke Gold, Harrison Hawke Silver

Results for the Comunn na Piobaireachd (NZ) annual competitions held at the Easter Hastings Highland Games are as follows:


1st Brian Switalla – The Park Piobaireachd (No 2)
2nd Stuart Easton – The Battle of the Pass of Crieff
3rd Brendon Eade – Scarce of Fishing

Gold Medal

1st Jamie Hawke – The Battle of Auldearn (No 2)
2nd Tracey Williams – The Little Spree
3rd Scott Kennedy – Beloved Scotland
4th Tom Glover – Lament for the Castle of Dunyveg

Silver Medal

1st Harrison Hawke – Lament for Alasdair Dearg Macdonell of Glengary
2nd Bradley Guy
3rd Andrew Broadbent
4th Courteney Williamson


2 Responses to Switalla Clasp, Jamie Hawke Gold, Harrison Hawke Silver

  1. frankie switalla says:

    I am the widow of Eric Switalla, brother of Betty, Audrey, Ray and Bruce.
    Mother was Olive Jane Cox Switalla. Looking for N.Z. relatives as my daughter plans to come to N. Z. We figure it will take a couple of years to get the name and a contact. I know there is a Brian, David , and Gramme, Tania. His brother had a son named Bruce that we met when he came to the U. S. Would appreciate hearing from you if you are that family.
    Thank you,

  2. denis oconnor says:

    Frankie, I just noticed your note on the web. We now live in Australia. I am retired. If you have not tracked anyone down you could email me at this email address and I will look for nz contacts. I dont have a lot to do with the nz crowd but go over every few years and see my sister. Hope you and the girls are well, Denis.

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