Richard Hawke & Stuart Easton Awarded Boyle Foundation Scholarship

William Boyle

William Boyle

The Chairman of the William Boyle Memorial Foundation (WBMF), Randall Allardyce, announced that the Foundation’s annual scholarship (which amounts to a return airfare) was awarded to both Stuart Easton and Richard Hawke for the 2009 season.

The WBMF rule is that a candidate may only obtain two scholarships.  Stuart Easton was supported for his very successful 2007 season and the WBMF was happy to do so again. Randall Allardyce said that, “this recognises that success on the UK circuit is not a ‘one off’, but a campaign that requires exposure and familiarisation on various fronts”.

In addition he said that, “Richard Hawke has always funded himself, but we were delighted to receive and reward his application.  We also considered that additional support could help senior competitors meet some of the subsistence expenses involved in attending the various games”.

Click here for further informatiojn on the WBMF.


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