George McEwen’s Fantastic Blog

It’s a little hard to read when you are desperate to be in Scotland now, but the photos are the best and the commentary gives a good feel for what it’s like to be wealthy and able to go the worlds as a spectator every year you lucky sod George….
clipped from

scotland09_pipingliveday2_004.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_007.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_008.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_015.jpgThe New Drum tuner in actionscotland09_pipingliveday2_019.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_035.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_033.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_041.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_044.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_047.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_056.jpg

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