2011 Silver Medal Tunes Announced

The Secretary of the Comunn na Piobaireachd NZ (CNP) Music Committee, Greg Wilson, today announced the Silver medal tunes for the 2011 contest to be held at the Hawke’s Bay Highland Games, Easter 2011.

The Clasp and Gold Medal tunes will be advised in May 2010. The CNP is awaiting the tunes from the UK Piobaireachd Society before the NZ list is published, as there will be some overlap.

The Silver Medal tunes are:

  1. The MacLeod’s Salute (Rowing Piobaireachd)- PS Bk 12.
  2. Lament for Isla Flora McLeod – DM Bk 1.
  3. Pipers Warning to his Master – PS Bk 12.
  4. Cronan Corrievreccan (The Corrievreccan Lullaby) – DM Bk 1.
  5. Lament, MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart No 1 – PS Bk 6.
  6. Castle Menzies – PS Bk 8.

The winner receives the First Prize and the Comunn na Piobaireachd (New Zealand) Inc Silver Medal. Former winners are not eligible to compete. Competitors are to submit 3 tunes chosen from the list of 6 Silver Medal tunes above, one of which they will be required to play. Entry to the Silver Medal competition is restricted to pipers who have not previously won the Silver Medal event and who are Pipers with a P&D Assn ‘B’ Grade or lower.  No medal will be awarded if the judges are of the opinion that the standard does not warrant the award.

DM = Donald MacLeod’s Collection of Piobaireachd Book 1

PS = Piobaireachd Society Collection


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