Waikato Pipers Club Tri-series Standings

The following is a brief summary of some of the contest front runners. This is not comprehensive but gives those involved some idea where they currently stack up after 3 events (Waipu, Paeroa and Hastings). Remember that points were taken from selected events across those contests.

B grade
Phil Nielsen 13
Willie Rowe 11
Blair Hodson 9

C grade
Hayden Pullan 28
Scott Marshall 7
Andrez Maroz 6
Gordon Coombes 6
Piers Dover 6
Toma Naguchi 6

D grade
Raymond Lidgard 10
Cameron McKean 10
Amanda Kirk 8
Hamish Dick 8

Alyssa Cowie 8
Shaun Graham 6
Alex Hurley 6

As you can see apart from C-grade the contest is wide open. Entries close in a couple of weeks. For those who haven’t caught up the details, the Hamilton leg starts at 10am on 10th July. This is followed in the evening by a recital by Marion Horsburgh, Stuart Easton and Brendon Eade. Click here for details.


One Response to Waikato Pipers Club Tri-series Standings

  1. shaun graham says:

    I was in the D grade. Not the novice

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