NZ Piobaireachd Seminar with Dr Angus MacDonald & Greg Wilson : 24-28 April 2011

I went to the 2008 seminar at the same location and it was fantastic – four days of solid learning and excellent camaraderie. The really great thing about it was that it enabled me to concentrate, at the exclusion of all else, the learning of tunes, something I struggle with amongst the clutter of my day to day life and my propensity to procrastinate. Just as importantly, it’s a supportive environment where you are encouraged to play as well as you can, but in a non-competitive way.

In addition, you get to rub shoulders with great players, learning from them and discovering that they, like the rest of us, struggle with interpretation, the subtlety of the tunes and memorisation.

The seminar takes place at Makoura Lodge (see photo above of the 2008 seminar participants) near Feilding and is a short drive from Hastings (it takes place on the week following the Hawkes Bay Highland Games). Transport options will be notified soon.

The cost is $400, which includes accommodation, meals and tuition. This is very cheap for such an exceptional opportunity.

The retreat focuses on tunes from the 2012 CNP lists (not yet published) for Silver, Gold medals and Clasp tunes.

Please click here to contact Brendon Eade if you are interested (you’ll need to do that soon). You can also view the event on Facebook here.


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