Brown Cup Draw for Tomorrow (Saturday 11 June): Police College, Wellington

Everest Memorial Piobaireachd – 9.30am. Lunch Break – 1.30pm-2.15 pm. Brown Cup – 11.00am. Wellington Pipers AGM – 4.30pm. Fellowship in Police Club Bar 4. 45pm

Everest Memorial Piobaireachd

  1. Andrew Edwards 9.30am
  2. Linsay May 9.50am
  3. Willie Rowe 10.10am
  4. Stuart Easton 10.30am
  5. Ross McNabb 10.50am
  6. Hayden Pullan 11.10am
  7. Bruce Omundsen 11.30am
  8. Iain Robertson 11.50am
  9. Marion Horsburgh 12.10pm
  10. Brendon Eade 12.30pm
  11. Kevin Sinclair 12.50pm
  12. Davey Welsh 1.10pm
  13. Donella May 1.30pm
  14. George Mason 1.50pm
  15. Malcolm Galloway 2.10pm

The Brown Cup

  1. Lindsay May11.00am
  2. Gary Watt 11.15am
  3. Hayden Pullan 11.30am
  4. Chris Croton11.45am
  5. Kevin Sinclair12.00pm
  6. Malcolm Galloway 12.15pm
  7. Willie Rowe12.30pm
  8. Murray Mansfield12.45pm
  9. Ross McNabb1.00pm
  10. Davey Welsh1.15pm
  11. Marion Horsburgh2.15pm
  12. Revel McIntyre2.30pm
  13. Donella May2.45pm
  14. Stuart Easton3.00pm
  15. Bruce Omundsen 3.15pm
  16. Iain Robertson3.30pm
  17. Brendon Eade 3.45pm
  18. George Mason4.00pm

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