New Donald Sargent Jig: The Dog & the Magpie

Donald Sargent has sent me a new Jig called the Dog & the Magpie (left is the first part). It’s nice and, like most of his tunes, it has an amusing story to go with it:

Son Ewan’s family has a young Kelpie pup and each time it is taken for exercise a battle ensues between the pup and a magpie which lives in nearby trees. The maggie dive  bombs the pup which tries to grab it as it goes past. If the pup needs a spell it flops on the ground and the magpie lands and waits about 10 metres away. When the pup has its second wind it jumps up and rushes at the magpie which takes to the air and the circus starts all over again! Hopefully this merry tune captures the spirit of the battle.

Click here to view the tune.


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