Detailed Results: Comments from Geroge Mason (CNP President)

Although the numbers of contestants were down for the 2012 Comunn na Piobaireachd competitions (having fallen foul of the Australian National Pipe Band Championships and a decision by the RNZPBA to field a national youth band), the standard was not.  Greg Wilson, Tom Glover and Simon Fraser all turned in performances of the highest standard to win CNP’s Gold Clasp, Gold Medal and Silver Medal respectively.  In fact a notable comment of the Judges was how impressed they were at the high standard of Piobaireachd amongst the younger players, including at ‘D’ and ‘C’ Grade level as well as for the Silver Medal.  One of the judges remarked that reflecting on the day’s competitors in the Silver Medal, novice, C and D Piobaireachd events, the judges thought back to when they played in the lower grades.  They considered the quality of the technique and sound, and the Piobaireachd knowledge among today’s prize winners are streets ahead.

The results for the competitions were as follows.


  1. Greg Wilson, Christchurch, “Ronald MacDonald of Morar’s Lament”.
  2. George Mason, Tapu Teranga, “Craigellachie”.
  3. Brendon Eade, Hamilton “Lament for McSwan of Roaig”

Gold Medal

  1. Tom Glover, Christchurch, “The Daughter’s Lament”.
  2. Harrison Hawke, Christchurch, “Lament for the Viscount of Dundee”.
  3. Gary Stewart, Wanganui “Rory MacLoude’s Lament”.
  4. Elizabeth Drury, Christchurch “The Prince’s Salute”

Silver Medal

  1. Simon Fraser, Christchurch, “Lament for Donald of Laggan”.
  2. Blair Hodson “Lament for Sir James MacDonald of the Isles”.
  3. Andrew Edwards, Paraparaumu “Catherine’s Lament”.

The Judges were Bain McGregor, Waipu, and John Hanning, Wellington, for the Clasp and Gold Medal events and Bain McGregor, Waipu, and Iain Hines, Wellington, for the Silver Medal event.

The Society continues to be indebted to its competitions’ sponsors and supporters.  In this regard CNP is particularly grateful to David Horsburgh of Security Risk Management for his ongoing sponsorship of the
Gold Clasp, an anonymous sponsorship arranged through Nigel Foster for the Gold Medal and Bruce Cawood for his continued support of the Silver Medal Competition and the Special Prize.  Without our sponsors CNP could not hope to maintain the standard and prestige of its competitions in the way that it does.  CNP also wishes to acknowledge the Hastings Highland Games who continue to provide such high quality venue and event at which to hold its competitions.


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