Hawkes Bay Highland Games 2012: Full Piping Results

Gold Clasp Piobaireachd. 1st Greg Wilson, 2nd George Mason, 3rd Brendon Eade

Under 21  Piobaireachd. 1st Harry Hawke, 2nd Hayden Pullan, 3rd Kirby Douglas

54th Gold Medal Piobaireachd. 1st Tom Glover, 2nd Harry Hawke, 3rd Gary Stewart, 4th Elizabeth Drury


A Grade Events

HB Championship 6/8 March.  1st Greg Wilson, 2nd Harry Hawke, 3rd Richard Hawke

Greater Hastings March, Strathspey & Reel. 1st Brendon Eade, 2nd Iain Robertson, 3rd Greg Wilson, 4th Alasdair MacKenzie.

North Island Championship Open  2/4 March. 1st Alasdair Mackenzie, 2nd Harry Hawke, 3rd Greg Wilson


B Grade Events

HB Championship  6/8 March. 1st  Bradley Knight, 2nd  Kirby Douglas, 3rd Blair Hodson

Strathspey & Reel. 1st Angus Hawke, 2nd Hayden Pullan, 3rd Alwyn McCallum

North Island Championship Hornpipe & Jig. 1st Angus Hawke, 2nd Bradley Knight, 3rd Harrison Pogai


C Grade

Novice Slow March. 1st Thomas Harding, 2nd Charlie Stapleton-Stevens, 3rd Hinckley Pogai

C Grade HB  Championship Strathspey & Reel. 1st Cameron Richardson, 2nd Harrison Allen, 3rd Callum Fraser

D Grade 2/4 March. 1st Cameron Richardson, 2nd Harrison Allen, 3rd Callum Smith

C Grade 6/8 March. 1st Shaun Graham, 2nd Callum Fraser, 3rd Tim Dudley


Premier Events

D Grade Piobaireachd. 1st Ruairidh MacLean, 2nd Cameron Richardson, 3rd Anna Smart

C Grade Piobaireachd. 1st Michael Hanlon, 2nd Callum Fraser, 3rd                 Alwyn McCallum

Novice Piobaireachd.  1st Harrison Allen, 2nd Charlie Stapleton-Stevens

6th Silver Medal Piobaireachd. 1st Simon Fraser, 2nd Blair Hodson               , 3rd Andrew Edwards


A Grade

HB Championship 2×2/4 Marches. 1st Greg Wilson, 2nd Brendon Eade, 3rd Alasdair MacKenzie

North Island Championship Open Hornpipe & Jig. 1st Malcom Galloway, 2nd Alasdair MacKenzie, 3rd Brendon Eade, 4th Iain Robertson

Strathspey & Reel. 1st Richard Hawke, 2nd Greg Wilson, 3rd Marion Horsburgh, 4th Iain Robertson


B Grade

2/4 March. 1st Hayden Pullan, 2nd Kirby Douglas, 3rd Blair Hodson

Under 21 Strathspey & Reel. 1st                 Hayden Pullan, 2nd Angus Hawke, 3rd Blair Hodson, 4th Bradley Knight

HB Championship March Strathspey & Reel. 1st Angus Hawke, 2nd Simon Fraser, 3rd Simon McLean

Medley. 1st Angus Hawke, 2nd Bradley Knight, 3rd Simon McLean

C Grade

Novice March (2/4, 3/4, 4/4). 1st Angus Wilton, 2nd Charlie Stapleton-Stevens, 3rd Jonathan Findlay

C Grade Slow March. 1st Callum Fraser, 2nd Oliver Stapleton-Stevens, 3rd Harrison Allen

D Grade HB Championship  Strathspey & Reel. 1st Cameron Richardson, 2nd Tim Dudley, 3rd Harrison Allen

C Grade 2/4 March. 1st Callum Fraser, 2nd Shaun Graham, 3rd Alwyn McCallum


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