UK Piobaireachd Society 2013 Set Tunes Announced

Click here to view the Society’s web site.

Click here to view Pipes|Drums coverage of the tunes.

The Tunes are:

The Blue Ribbon – PS 5, K
Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbert’s Fancy – PS 8, K
The Old Men of the Shells – PS 7, K
Ronald MacDonald of Morar’s Lament – PS 8, K
In Praise of Morag – PS 1, K
The Prince’s Salute – PS 1, K
Isabel Mackay – PS 6, K
Lady MacDonald’s Lament – PS 8, K

The Battle of Bealach nam Brog – PS 9
Clanranald’s Salute – PS 7, K
MacDonald of Kinlochmoidart’s Lament (No. 2) – PS 6, K
The MacDonalds are Simple – PS 9
Nameless (Hiharin odin, hiharin dro) (Angus Mackay’s MS) – PS 5, K
The Rout of Glenfruin – PS 8, K
The Vaunting – PS 7, K
The Young Laird of Dungallon’s Salute – PS 10

Duntroon’s March – PS 14
Fair Honey – PS 9
Grain in Hides and Corn in Sacks – PS 5, K
Lady Anapool’s Lament – PS 9
Melbank’s Salute – PS 14
Lord MacDonald’s Lament – PS 13
All the Old Men paid rent but Rory – PS 11
The Parading of the MacDonalds – PS 7, K

PS = Piobaireachd Society Collection K = Kilberry Book of Ceol Mor


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