Iain Robertson Wins Both the Everest Piobaireachd & Brown Cup

The Wellington Pipers Club held its premier piping competitions the Brown Cup and Everest Piobaireachd at the Royal New Zealand Police College on Saturday June 9th.
Judges for both events were senior club members John Hanning and Iain Hines.


Everest Piobaireachd

  1. Iain Robertson, Palmerston North,     The End of the Great Bridge
  2.  Stuart Easton, Palmerston North,       Lament for Captain McDougall
  3.  Marion Horsburgh, Wellington,   Colin Roy McKenzies Lament
  4. Andrew Edwards, Paraparaumu  To Long in the This Condtion

Brown Cup ( march, strathspey, reel, jig, hornpipe, slow air)

  1. Iain Robertson, Palmerston North, (John, McColls March to Kilbowie Cottage, Cameronian, Rant, Smith of Chillchassie, Jimmy Blue, Rakes of Kildare)
  2. Marion Horsburgh, Wellington
  3. Stuart Easton, Palmerston North
  4. Stu McKenzie,  Wellington

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