Membership Benefits

Instructional Classes
Society members provide tuition in most of the main centres of New Zealand, including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. The Society is often able to put pupils in touch with Society members in other centres who are willing to provide tuition either on a casual or formal basis.

Instructional Compact Discs
The Society prepares each year a series of compact discs based on the Society’s music library or teachings of current authorities, giving preliminary instruction in the following year’s Gold Medal and Clasp tunes. While not a substitute for personal instruction, these recordings provide a valuable guide to the way the piobaireachd should be played. The Gold Medal and Clasp compilation recordings are sold separately and the price for the recordings will be advised upon request.

Instructional and Recital Tours
The Society has organised instructional and recital tours by prominent overseas pipers including the late Pipe Majors Donald MacLeod and R U Brown, also Donald MacPherson, Donald Morrison, Murray Henderson and Malcolm McRae. The impact of these tours and recitals on piobaireachd playing in New Zealand has been dramatic and has contributed in large measure to the success of Society members in competition, both in New Zealand and overseas. It has enabled Society members to enlarge their repertoire of tunes substantially. More recently, with the support of a guarantee from the Donald Bain Memorial Fund, the Society organised the 2001 Donald Bain Memorial Seminar involving teaching and recitals by Murray Henderson and Greg Wilson, the 2004 Seminar with teaching by Malcolm McRae and Greg Wilson, 2008 Seminar with teaching from Murray Henderson and Greg Wilson and the 2011 Seminar with teaching from Dr Angus MacDonald and Greg Wilson.

The Society has produced a series of long playing records by each of the pipers who have toured New Zealand. In so doing, it has produced a unique collection of outstanding music from each player made at a time when they have been at the top of their form.

Internet Site
The Society hosts an internet web-site. The site contains information on the Society, its activities and recent and upcoming piping events in New Zealand. Members can use the site to order merchandise or to find out the latest news on piping in New Zealand. Visit the site at


2 Responses to Membership Benefits

  1. Ross McNabb says:

    Hi I would like to get cds and music for the 2012 gold medal tunes.
    Cheers Ross

  2. Ross McNabb says:

    Hi,great to catch up yesterday. The tunes I would like music and possibly recordings of are.Lament for the Viscount. The Princes Salute and Hail to my Country. I thank you very much. Brendon doesn’t Have my Details. Ross J McNabb. 9 Shearer Place Pirimai 4112 Napier. Ph 068438870 Cell 027 2221992

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