Claidhmor Draw: Celtic Inn PN Sat 22 May 10

May 8, 2010

Targe (Piobaireachd) –  Jamie Hawke, Brendon Eade,  Liam Kernaghan, Stuart Easton, Brian Switalla, William Rowe, Murray Mansfield, Tom Glover & Iain Robertson.

Claidhmor (MSR, J&H) – Tom Glover, Jamie Hawke, Liam Kernaghan, Brendon Eade, Brian Switalla, Murray Mansfield, William Rowe, Iain Robertson & Stuart Easton.

Judges. Marion Horsburgh. Martin Frewen

Colin Craig Results: Horsburgh Wins Piobaireachd, Frewen the Claidhnmor

May 23, 2009
Marion Horsburgh won the Targe for Piobaireachd, playing the Viscount of Dundee, at the Colin Craig Claidhmor & Targe held at the Celtic Inn today. Jamie Hawke was second playing the Unjust Incarceration and Martin Frewen was third playing the Bicker.

Martin Frewen won the Claidhmor event (MSR, Jig & Hornpipe), with George Mason second, Murray Mansfield third and Iain Robertson fourth.

The judges were Brendon Eade & Stuart Easton, the 2008 winners.

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Piobaireachd Pub Palmy: 9am Sat, Celtic Inn

May 18, 2009

The best piping in the best location. The Claidhmor Competition is on again at the Celtic Inn Palmerston North. Piobaireachd in the morning and light music in the afternoon.The judges are Brendan Eade Stuart Easton (last year’s winners). The competitors are:

Martin Frewen, Geoff Halberg, Jamie Hawke, Richard Hawke, Marion Horsburgh, George Mason, Murray Mansfield, Thomas McGirr, Iain Robertson.

Click here for the draw.There is a small entry fee.

Eade and Easton: Colin Craig Claidhmor Winners

May 25, 2008
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Stuart Easton & Brendon Eade Win at the Colin Craig

May 24, 2008

Stuart Easton won the Targe for Piobaireachd, playing Scarce of Fishing with Brendon Eade second playing the Unjust Incarceration. Brendon won the Colin Craig Claidhmor (MSR, Hornpipe & Jig) with Stuart Easton second. A fantastic day at the Celtic Inn I’m told (I had to be at a work team building event – bugger).

Breadon EadeBrendon Eade

The judges were Martin Frewen and Richard Hawke, which means that they will be competitors next year.

Every competitor had to play a New Zealand composed tune in the light music, which added a nice touch.

Colin Craig Claidhmor Competition: Saturday 24 May Celtic Inn

May 10, 2008
For the best of piping in the most convivial location, this is a must. Featuring Brendon Eade, Stuart Easton, Tom Glover, Logan Greer, Jamie Hawke, Marion Horsburgh, George Mason & Iain Robertson. Judged by last year’s winners Richard Hawke and Martin Frewen. The Piobaireachd starts at 9am and the light music at 1pm. This year’s event has extra poignancy given that the famous composer Colin Craig died last year. Click here for details.
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