From PBNews: Fergus Mathieson

June 2, 2009

Sad news from Dunedin with loss of Fergus Mathieson, a stalward of the Dunedin and NZ pipe band scene. He had been on the NZ panel of  judges for a long time, having judged at a number of national championships.

From PBNews:

Fergus Mathieson, a prodigal member of the Dunedin and Otago piping community, passed away at 1:30pm on Sunday, during the Queens Birthday Competitions. He passed away at the Otago Community Hospice.

He is survived by his wife, and his son Lester.

The Funeral will be on Thursday at 11am. Details will be updated as they become available. The thoughts of the Piping community are with Fergus’ family.

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From PB News: Easton Wins at Dunedin

June 2, 2009
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Stuart Easton was the victor at the Queens Birthday Solo Piping championships in the weekend. Queens Birthday is one of the last opportunities for pipers travelling to Scotland to air their tunes. The Dunedin Gold Medal, a Piobaireachd competition based on the list from Hastings, was won by Richard Hawke. Marion Horsburgh was 2nd. The Dunedin Silver Medal was won by Ben Murray.