Discount for Square Day Early Bird Entries Close 15 Novemeber

October 26, 2010

The fee for entries to the MSR, for all grades, is $120 or $80 if you eneter before the 15th of November. Likewise the fee for the medley is is $120 or $80 if you eneter before the 15th of November.

The Juvenile Entry Fee is $40.


Click here for details and the entry form.

Claidhmor Draw: Celtic Inn PN Sat 22 May 10

May 8, 2010

Targe (Piobaireachd) –  Jamie Hawke, Brendon Eade,  Liam Kernaghan, Stuart Easton, Brian Switalla, William Rowe, Murray Mansfield, Tom Glover & Iain Robertson.

Claidhmor (MSR, J&H) – Tom Glover, Jamie Hawke, Liam Kernaghan, Brendon Eade, Brian Switalla, Murray Mansfield, William Rowe, Iain Robertson & Stuart Easton.

Judges. Marion Horsburgh. Martin Frewen

Colin Craig Results: Horsburgh Wins Piobaireachd, Frewen the Claidhnmor

May 23, 2009
Marion Horsburgh won the Targe for Piobaireachd, playing the Viscount of Dundee, at the Colin Craig Claidhmor & Targe held at the Celtic Inn today. Jamie Hawke was second playing the Unjust Incarceration and Martin Frewen was third playing the Bicker.

Martin Frewen won the Claidhmor event (MSR, Jig & Hornpipe), with George Mason second, Murray Mansfield third and Iain Robertson fourth.

The judges were Brendon Eade & Stuart Easton, the 2008 winners.

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Manawatu Release New Recording

April 2, 2009
12000-miles-cd-cover-2009Old news here, but good to see coverage on the other side of the globe and Pipes|Drums are offering a free track from the LP.
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Every time New Zealand’s Grade 1 Manawatu Scottish Pipe Band attends the World Championships every member travels more than 12,000 miles, and thus Twelve Thousand Miles is the title of the band’s new recording.