Nicola Purvis to Play with SFU

March 30, 2011

It’s great to see that top notch tenor drummers are now in demand. Well done to Nicola Purvis from the Auckland & Districts PB for joining the SFU.

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He also reported that the Grade 1 band’s snare section numbers 12, including the addition of former Toronto Police Leading-Drummer Doug Stronach, and that Nicola Purvis of New Zealand and Owen Russell of Minnesota, formerly of Auckland & District and the 78th Fraser Highlanders, have joined as tenor drummers. Lee said the band has 26 pipers on its roster.


Piobaireachd of the Week: Silver Medal: Catherine ’s Lament

November 18, 2007

This tune has also been known as “the Fraser’s Gathering” or “Fraser’s Salute” and is said to have been composed by Calum MacRobert Ceard. The Gaelic word ceard means a tinker. General Thomason gives the composer as Rupiart an Ceard. Another source says that Catherine was Rupert’s wife. Angus Mackay’s manuscript gives the composer as Calum MacBaileart Cheaird.

Piobaireachd of the Week: Silver Medal: Lament for Alasdair Dearg Macdonell of Glengarry

November 12, 2007

The Gaelic word dearg means red, and was probably the colour of Alasdair’s hair. The Glengarry clan was part of the great Clan Donald, but always adopted the spelling Macdonnell. The Macdonells of Glengarry supported Prince Charles in 1745, and were at the battles of Preston, Falkirk and Culloden. The piobaireachd “Lament for Alasdair Dearg” was recorded in the MS of Donald Macdonald and Angus Mackay and in the Campbell canntaireachd.