George McEwen’s Fantastic Blog

August 12, 2009
It’s a little hard to read when you are desperate to be in Scotland now, but the photos are the best and the commentary gives a good feel for what it’s like to be wealthy and able to go the worlds as a spectator every year you lucky sod George….
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scotland09_pipingliveday2_004.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_007.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_008.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_015.jpgThe New Drum tuner in actionscotland09_pipingliveday2_019.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_035.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_033.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_041.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_044.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_047.jpgscotland09_pipingliveday2_056.jpg

Canterbury Caledonian PB Secure James Laughlin

May 19, 2009
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James Laughlin, noted side-drummer, tutor, and member of the 5-time world champion Simon Fraser University Pipe band, has been appointed Drum Sergeant of the Canterbury Caledonian Pipe Band.
James has also been employed at St. Andrews College. Click above to read the details.