Richard Hawke & Stuart Easton Awarded Boyle Foundation Scholarship

May 3, 2009
William Boyle

William Boyle

The Chairman of the William Boyle Memorial Foundation (WBMF), Randall Allardyce, announced that the Foundation’s annual scholarship (which amounts to a return airfare) was awarded to both Stuart Easton and Richard Hawke for the 2009 season.

The WBMF rule is that a candidate may only obtain two scholarships.  Stuart Easton was supported for his very successful 2007 season and the WBMF was happy to do so again. Randall Allardyce said that, “this recognises that success on the UK circuit is not a ‘one off’, but a campaign that requires exposure and familiarisation on various fronts”.

In addition he said that, “Richard Hawke has always funded himself, but we were delighted to receive and reward his application.  We also considered that additional support could help senior competitors meet some of the subsistence expenses involved in attending the various games”.

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Randall Allardyce New Boyle Foundation Chair

November 27, 2007

Alastair Munro has stepped down as Chair of the William Boyle Foundation after 25 years of exceptional leadership. Richard Hawke, Greg Wilson, Randall Allardyce and Brian Switalla were re-elected as trustees. The main initiatives of the Foundation have been directed at support for its under 21 competitions and the scholarship. It is anticipated that the foundation will extend into piping education and other related areas.

IMHO Alastair Munro has been tremendously encouraging to the piping community in New Zealand and I’m certain that will continue in spite of his retirement from the Foundation. I’m also certain that Randall Allardyce and his fellow trustees (what a lineup) will continue to enhance their present activities and add new innovations.

The following is a profile of Randall Allardyce for those that don’t know him yet:

Randall grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and was one of the first members of the St Andrews Society of Detroit Boys Pipe Band. The band was taught by Walter Rose, who was in turn taught by Blind Archie MacNeill (Seamus’s uncle, who also taught him). Randall also had lessons from Blind Archie and from MacNeill, Pearston and MacFadyen at the College of Piping summer school at Tobermory and Johnny Wilson (Toronto). He competed successfully in the US and Canadian A grade solo competitions from 17 years and in the open grade in Scotland for a couple of seasons when he moved to Edinburgh to attend medical school in 1966. Randall rubbed shoulders with many pipers in Scotland, in particular, he counted as good friends John Burgess, Angus MacDonald and John Slattery. He joined the Eagle Pipers at the West End Hotel and played for them on several occasions with regular performers Ian McLeod, George Lumsden and John MacLellan. Randall moved to Christchurch in 1974. Though he doesn’t compete, he continues to play for his own pleasure and has retained a keen interest in competitive solo piping and is passionate about Piobaireachd.